Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (PS4)

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Return to the fantastic world of Middle-Earth and contend with the deadly threat of Sauron and his Nazgul as you fight to hold back the spread of calamity and wickedness throughout the land.

Building on the signature ‘Nemesis’ system from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will place you and your actions at the centre of the conflict. Not only will enemies react to your presence and remember their previous encounters with you, but also dynamic ‘Nemesis Fortresses’ will respond to your tactics, encouraging new approaches to each location.

‘Followers’, in turn, will shape the story itself, adding new branches to the narrative with their own individual stories of loss, loyalty and betrayal that build on the world’s expanding story.

Set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth: Shadows of War beckons you once more into JRR Tolkien’s iconic world of wizards, orcs and elves.


  • A MONUMENTAL STORY: Immerse yourself in the epic scale of Middle-earth as you forge a new ring and siege epic fortresses to face the Dark Lord and the Ringwraiths.
  • NEMESIS SYSTEM EVOLVED: Experience a richer and more personal world full of new enemy types, stronger personalities and deeper stories - anyone you face can now evolve from a lowly Soldier to a mighty Overlord, Personal Nemesis or Ally.
  • TURN MORDOR AGAINST SAURON: Go behind enemy lines and use strategy, cunning or brute force to conquer Sauron's fortresses and turn them against him.

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12 Oct 2017
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Customer Reviews

Brilliant Sequel That Lets Itself Down In The Endgame

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In many ways Shadow of War builds on the original in explosive ways, with improvements so large it's almost hard to believe the once complex Nemesis System of the original Shadow of Mordor now looks so simple. You can build magnificent armies, siege other fortresses, be betrayed by allies during great battles, strengthen your orcs in fighting pits, take down overlords of entire realms and experience a wider variety of enemy personalities and characters than you'd think possible.

Everything is shot up to eleven in this sequel, with the world being so much bigger, the skill tree twice the size, the implementation of a full on RPG-style armour and weapon customisation system and the battles having more enemies on-screen than its predecessor could have hoped for. In so many ways it will be exactly the kind of sequel you'd have wanted, even if sometimes its overload of content can result in many of its necessary but mundane activities becoming laborious.

Where the game lets itself down, however, is with the endgame, and a continuation of the story called the 'Shadow Wars'. Upon completion of the main story the game will continue for 10 more siege levels, where you are required to take over other realms you could not previously visit in the story. The problem though is that the starting enemy Orcs in the end-game are double the level of what your armies will end the main story at, which means that to build armies capable of taking a siege to the enemy you need to grind, and grind, and find higher level orcs, and do some more grinding. One of the alternatives, which is what the game subtly tries to force on you here, is to use real money to buy stronger orcs. I refuse to do this under any circumstances, and instead went for door number 3, which was to take the siege to the enemy anyway and use devious tactics to win, but because orcs are such high levels it can take an age to chip away at their health until eventual victory. I got through about 5 levels of the Shadow Wars before I decided that enough was enough, the grind was too much and there was no way on earth that I would put myself through anymore.

Granted, by this point I'd already enjoyed around 50 hours of great gameplay without ever once having to ever use real money. So the microtransactions aren't a deal breaker, but to be let down right in the endgame was a disappointment after having such a complete and fantastic experience. Overall I loved this game, and it was an amazing sequel to an already incredible game, but because of the way the endgame lets itself down - which itself blocks you from seeing the end to the story - the original game was probably a more complete experience. That said, if you loved the first game you can't go wrong with this one. An exceptional sequel.

Could use some improvements

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Overall the game has some nice improvements, sieging castles is overall fun along with flying through the air on a summonable drake. The story is not that strong but it's a game based on the LOTR series, not a lot of room to expand. It however does expand on the story of the maker of the one ring and the combat is very fast paced.

The nemesis system included a number of improvements and legendary gear can be improved through fulfilling a number of unlock conditions. Set bonuses are useful and the game has a ton of fun abilities.

Pure Perfection

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Shadow of War takes what was great from the first game and maintains that greatness and in some areas even improves upon them greatly.

The graphics are mind-blowing (especially with the 4k add on) and the world is both extensive and interesting.
Admittedly it can get repetitive at times, just like the first game did, but it's still an extremely enjoyable experience.
I encountered no bugs, load times were acceptable and limited.

The concern over micro transactions should be limited to just the fact that they're present at all, but there is literally no need to use them and extremely little benefit if you did. You'll quickly level past items and obtain new and better replacements just by playing the game.

The nemesis system feels way more fleshed out. The Orcs have character and there is so much fun stuff to do.
The game has so much to offer, starting with assassinating orcs, to recruiting them later for sieges. There are great skills, weapons and armour to unlock. It really feels like a great Lord of the rings game.

All in all if you enjoyed the first game this is a must buy. If you never played the first one you'll be fine jumping straight into this one.

Highly recommended 9/10

I would use the average word 'Good; to describe an average game

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Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this game but it definately is missing something and I can't put my finger on what.
Shadow of Mordor was magical, what is the difference here? If you find out, tell me!

Combat is good as usual, smooth good upgrades but chaining combos sometimes is a miss (literally)

Loved the story, but I am a big LOTR lore fan.

New modes are pretty cool but overall alls I can say is this game is good.

Not so bad

Reviewed by on

I had an awesome time playing this, the story is well worth it.

I know there is alot of controversy surrounding microtransactions, but I didnt spend a cent and was able to finish the game with plenty orcs etc.

The endgame gets a bit grindy but is appealing to some.

I would say that if you played Shadow of Mordor, definately pick this one up. E