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Marvel Spider-Man - Collector's Edition (PS4)

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An all-new Spider-Man experience

Starring one of the world’s most iconic Super Heroes, Marvel's Spider-Man features the acrobatic abilities, improvisation and web-slinging that the wall-crawler is famous for, while also introducing elements never-before-seen in a Spider-Man game. From traversing with parkour and utilizing the environment, to new combat and blockbuster set pieces, it’s Spider-Man unlike any you’ve played before.

Marvel and Insomniac Games have teamed up to create a brand-new and authentic Spider-Man story. This isn’t the Spider-Man you’ve met before, or seen in a movie. This is an experienced Peter Parker who’s more masterful at fighting big crime in New York City. At the same time he’s struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career while the fate of nine million New Yorkers rests upon his shoulders.

Be Spider-Man
An experienced Spider-Man with several years of crime fighting under his belt, Peter Parker has sheer mastery of his powerful spider-sense, dynamic skills, acrobatic abilities and new suit.

Experience an original story
This is an all-new Spider-Man universe, featuring familiar characters in unfamiliar roles. Take control of a complex dual life, as a young adult with great powers… and evolving relationships.

Leap into an open world
Swing freely through Marvel’s New York City in epic action set-pieces filled with a rich narrative and relatable characters.

Product Details

Video Games
6 Sep 2018
PlayStation 4
Collector's Edition
Edition Extras
Collector's Edition Includes:
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man - Special Edition (PS4) Full Game
  • Marvel's Spider-Man Statue
  • Custom Steelbook
  • White Spider Sticker
  • Mini Artbook - Contains unique, early-look concepts and unreleased artwor
Insomniac Games
SA Gamer
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E3 2016 Trailer (Announcement Trailer)
Duration: 01:29
Resolution: 640 x 360
Codec: H.264
Release Date Trailer
Duration: 00:30
Resolution: 640 x 360
Codec: H.264
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South Africa

Customer Reviews

worth every penny

Reviewed by on

absolutely worth every penny

Fantastic Game -

Reviewed by on

This title was my first Spider-Man game ever purchased. It has exceeded all my expectations and then some.
The collector's edition could have been better, but nonetheless, not regretting the purchase.

Really enjoyed playing it!

Excellent Game

Reviewed by on

Fantastic game, definitely a contender for Game of the Year! Statue is a bit small compared to the recent collectors editions of other games, but it is still nice look at.

Can’t wait Must Buy

Reviewed by on

If you are a Spider-Man fan this is a dead giveaway as in you must buy the gameplay looks fantastic and if anything this will be even better than the Arkham series and Spiderman 2 so do your self a favor and buy this sucker before it’s sold out

Cannot Wait

Reviewed by on

Insomniac sure have been giving the rest of us INSOMNIA - at least until this game is released.

September 7th cannot come soon enough!