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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (PS4)

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Write your own legendary Odyssey and live epic adventures in a world where every choice matters. Sentenced to death by your family, embark on an epic journey from outcast mercenary to legendary Greek hero, and uncover the truth about your past. Forge your path through a war-torn world shaped by gods and men, where mountains and sea collide. Meet Ancient Greece’s famous figures and interact with a pivotal point in history that shaped western civilization.

Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey brings player choice to the forefront through innovations never-before-seen in Assassin’s Creed as you choose the hero you want to become and change the world around you. Through the relationships you build with colorful characters & the decisions you make along your Odyssey, it is you who is in control of your destiny. Customize your equipment and master new special abilities, tailoring your hero’s skillset to your play style. Fight your way across Greece, engaging in visceral battles both on land and sea, to become a true Hero of legend.


  • BECOME A LEGENDARY GREEK HERO – In a first for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, you can choose which hero to embody throughout this epic journey, Alexios or Kassandra. Customize your gear, upgrade your abilities, and personalize your ship on your path to become a legendary Greek hero.
  • DELVE INTO ANCIENT GREECE – From the heights of snowy mountain peaks to the depths of the Aegean Seas, explore an entire country full of untamed environments and cities at the peak of Greece’s Golden Age. Unexpected encounters will breathe life into your story as you meet colorful characters, battle vicious mercenaries, and more.
  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH – Your decisions shape the world around you with over 30 hours of choice dialogue and multiple game endings. Experience a living, dynamic world that constantly evolves and reacts to your every decision.
  • FIGHT EPIC BATTLES – Demonstrate your extraordinary warrior abilities and shift the tides of battle during the Peloponnesian War. Charge into epic clashes between Sparta and Athens in Big Battles pitting 150 vs 150 soldiers against each other.
  • SAIL ACROSS THE AEGEAN SEA – Find uncharted locations, uncover hidden treasures or cleave your way through entire fleets in naval battles. Customize the look of your ship, upgrade weaponry to suit your strengths, and recruit crewmembers with unique perks, tailoring naval combat to your style.
  • LAND OF MYTHS & LEGENDS – Discover a world rich with myths and legends. From ancient rituals to famed statues, come face-to-face with Greece’s legendary figures and discover the true nature of mythological beasts like Medusa and the Minotaur.

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4 Oct 2018
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Assassin's Creed
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Customer Reviews

Best game in the series!

Reviewed by on

By far the biggest map map so far and a story of about 40 hours, it's one of the best rpgs of the year.

All Round Great Game

Reviewed by on

First time playing AC since the first game was released and I was not disappointed. Great game mechanics and the skill tree allows you to change your style of attack based on your goal. Intriguing story that pulls you in and makes it difficult to put down. Seriously considering getting the season pass, a first for me.

Is this really Assassins Creed?

Reviewed by on

I have bought and finished every Assassins Creed game and it is one of my favorite game series. This one is very different to all before besides Origins, in which it improves on everything.

Opting for a much more RPG style of play with skill trees and dialogue choices that have effects later in the story, this gave me a reason to play it all over again, which i never really felt with the previous games.

The biggest issue I had with the game was the lip sync, i wouldn't say its bad or unbearable but something makes it look a little off, which can be distracting.

All in all this is a great direction for the series and i would recommend it to veteran assassins creed players and those looking to get into the series.

Choose your Fate

Reviewed by on

This is one of the best Assassin's Creeds to date. It might not necessarily feel like an AC game anymore with the new RPG system incorporated into the game, but the story, gameplay, the world and the characters in it is absolutely breathtaking.

I played a little of it at rAge Expo 2018 and it I just couldn't get enough of it. It is a must have for any fan of the series or even for RPG lovers in general.

This isn't AC anymore

Reviewed by on

And that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

With the release of Origins, came an overhaul of the combat system and more RPG elements. Large scale maps, a lot more side quests and a metric ton of exploration.

If you left the series behind because of too much copy/paste, I implore you to pick up the series again with either Origins, or its successor, Odyssey.

With gear that you can upgrade to keep it relevant, unicorns you can ride and mythical beasts to best, Odyssey is an outstanding addition to the world of Assassin's Creed.

Best Assassin’s Creed game !!!!!

Reviewed by on

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the best Assassin’s Creed game I’ve played in a long time sitting just next to Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Black flag. I am playing for hours and stil I find new awesome addition.
Assassin’s Creed fan or not this game is a must have!!