Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Nintendo Switch)

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Unlike the first Dragon Quest Builders, the sequel will feature slopes, the ability to dive underwater, a greater limit to the amount of blocks you can stack (it has increased three-fold, both high and low), the ability to fill high places with water, create waterfalls, glide down from high places with a Windbreaker, and supports four-person multiplayer.

As for what the setting is like, Square Enix gave the keywords “fellow travelers” and “young Malroth.” Malroth, also known as Sidoh, is the final enemy players face in Dragon Quest II.


  • World - Dragon Quest Builders is a block-make RPG where you can enjoy simultaneously going on a grand adventure to save the world and sandbox-esque crafting. By breaking the world, which is made of blocks, you can obtain materials, which can be used to create weapons, tools, buildings, and facilities. By improving your building skills, the protagonist will gradually become stronger, and the range that they can explore will expand
  • Vacant Island - A certain event leads the protagonist to wash ashore on an unpopulated island called the “Vacant Island.” This island, where there are few flowers and living things, and not yet any houses or towns where people live, will be the base of your adventure. Use the power to craft possessed by Builders to build and build on the Vacant Island
  • God of Destruction Malroth - The subtitle of Dragon Quest Builders 2 includes the surprising name, “God of Destruction Malroth.” While he is the evil god of destruction that appeared in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, how will he be involved in the story of the Builder who possesses the power the create…?

Build Together - Assemble your friends and build together in multiplayer!
As you progress through the story, you will be able to invite players to your Vacant Island, as well as visit other players’ Vacant Islands in four-players maximum multiplayer. On PlayStation 4 you can play online multiplayer via the Internet, while on Switch you can play both online* multiplayer via the Internet and offline multiplayer via local wireless* communication. In multiplayer, you can build things together, or invite players to see the island you built while not allowing them to break or place anything. A new type of fun only possible in multiplayer awaits!

  • Up to four players can enjoy multiplayer via the the Internet or Switch local wireless communication!
  • Communicate with other players using gestures!
  • Multiplayer settings include: “Bonus Chests,” “Chests,” “Permission to Build,” “Destruction,” “Sunlight Cycle,” “Weather Cycle,” “Block Item Drops,” and “Character Item Drops.”
  • Build huge structures with friends!

Vehicle - Enjoy multiplayer even more with a vehicle!
In Dragon Quest Builders 2, a vehicle that can quickly travel to faraway locations will appear. In multiplayer, you can ride this vehicle around with four players inside. Load everyone up and head out to explore!

  • Check out the vehicle’s cool bug-like form!
  • Four players can ride together! Move from one place to another easily in multiplayer!

Character Creation - Stand out in multiplayer! Dress up with character creation!
In Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can change the appearance of the protagonist to your liking. While you can customize the appearance of the protagonist at the beginning of the game, you can also change the protagonist’s gender and appearance after you have already started the game by using the “Dresser” furniture. Choose equipment and accessories unique to you and stand out among the crowd.

  • Change the protagonist’s gender and appearance to your liking!
  • Fashionably coordinate your equipment and accessories!
  • Stand out among the crowd in multiplayer!

*Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online play.
**Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.

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DQB2 is an incredibly rewarding experience feature packed with a great balance of story and sandbox elements.

The only disappointment that I have to share is that I purchased 2x copies, one for my son and the other for myself, with the intention of playing Local Multiplayer Co-Op as advertised by Square Enix. Whilst this feature does indeed exist it requires between 10 to 20 hours of game time investment in order to unlock the 'Multi-Builder Mode' feature. You have to basically complete the whole first Chapter to gain access to this.

Other than this minor gripe there isn't a single other negative element that I can complain about!

Raru were great, per-ordered my copies and it actually arrived a few days before the official Shipment Date!