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Tomb Raider is a fresh reimagining of the classic action-adventure franchise and will explore the intense and gritty origin story of an iconic character. In the game, Lara Croft will ascend from a frightened young woman on her first adventure and emerge as a hardened survivor. Armed with only her instincts and her innate ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance, Lara must fight, explore, and use her intelligence to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island and escape its relentless hold. With high-octane cinematic set pieces, visceral third-person combat, and large levels for Lara to navigate and explore, Tomb Raider is aiming to reinvent the action genre and recapture fans' imagination with the original female video game heroine.


  • Smart / Resourceful Lara - Lara must use her brawn and her brains to overcome an impossible situation. The player must guide Lara through physics puzzles, challenging environments, and a high-octane story to overcome a harrowing situation and make it off of the island alive.
  • Combat - Tomb Raider is pushing the action genre forward with visceral third-person combat and a deep weapon and gear upgrade system that Lara will have to strategically employ to overcome increasingly difficult enemies and environments. If you like the Uncharted or Batman Arkham franchises, Tomb Raider's offering will compare favorably to these high quality experiences, but with a unique Survival Action twist.
  • Dynamic Traversal - It wouldn't be Tomb Raider without certain signature elements. In addition to platforming, Lara will have to explore large areas to earn experience points that will upgrade her weapons and gear. One of the key elements of dynamic traversal is the gear gating gameplay loop: over the course of the game, Lara will continually improve her gear and will be able to reach previously inaccessible locations that will allow her to upgrade her gear and weapons even further.
  • (X360) Xbox LIVE Achievements - Grow your Xbox LIVE gamer score as Lara pushes beyond the limits of human endurance and unravels the dark history of a forgotten island.
  • (PS3) PlayStation Trophy Support - Accumulate PlayStation trophies as Lara pushes beyond the limits of human endurance and unravels the dark history of a forgotten island.


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Customer Reviews

What a game!

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Arguably the best game ever. I have yet to find another that tops this one.

This Tomb Raider reboot hugely improves on the original game series!

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I played a few of the older Tomb Raider games and enjoyed them. However, they seem sterile compared to this version of Tomb Raider!
Old Lara Croft used to do mostly acrobatics, puzzles with a bit of combat. Now, the focus has shifted to combat, exploration with a bit of puzzling. And it's all done with a great deal of polish :-)
Lara and her crew get shipwrecked on an island, but almost immediately they find themselves being hunted by the island's inhabitants! Can they discover the secrets of the island and escape alive?
The graphics and sound are excellent, with good controls and gameplay.
The game save system is very friendly and you get to upgrade your abilities and weapons.
Warning that the game is very gory and even scary, so not at all for children!
For adults, I highly recommend this action adventure.