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Microsoft - Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Console - Black

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Xbox Series X

The fastest, most powerful Xbox ever.

  • 12 teraflops
  • Variable rate shading
  • Hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing
  • Variable refresh rate
  • 120 fps support
  • Custom-built SSD
  • Quick resume for multiple games
  • 4 generations of gaming
  • Smart delivery

Xbox Series X specs and features.

  • 12 teraflops  of power
  • True 4K gaming and 8K ready
  • Up to 120 fps
  • 1TB custom SSD

Discover more about the next generation of gaming.

  • 12 teraflops: Twice the graphics processing unit (GPU) performance of the Xbox One X.
  • Variable rate shading: This patented form of VRS leads to more stable frame rates and higher resolution.
  • Hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing: Creates more dynamic and realistic environments.
  • Variable Refresh Rate: VRR synchronizes the display’s refresh rate to the game’s frame rate, maintaining smooth visuals without tearing.
  • Auto low latency mode: ALLM allows Xbox One and Xbox Series X to automatically set the connected display to its lowest latency mode.
  • 120 fps support: Developers can now exceed standard 60 fps to create heightened realism.
  • Custom built SSD: Game worlds are larger, more dynamic, and load in a flash, plus fast travel is just that — fast.
  • Quick resume for multiple games: Continue games from a suspended state almost instantly.
  • 4 generations of gaming: Your Xbox One games, backward-compatible Xbox 360 and original Xbox games look and play better than ever.
  • Smart delivery: Technology used on all exclusive Xbox Game Studios titles. It ensures you only have to purchase a title once to play the best version for whichever Xbox console you play on.

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Customer Reviews

Game Pass for the Win

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

I got this instead of PS for the first time...and im not disappointed! the game pass library is INSANE and takes you back all the way to the original xbox games. Then with the release of day one next gen games on game me for the first time, Xbox won! EXTREMLY quiet, and very fast, quick resume is close to instant.

Best value for gamers in the long run.

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

I made the switch to xbox one x, back then when my PS4 pro was not delivering satisfactory 4k solution and sounded like jet engine. Microsoft have been working hard the past 5 years to improve their offerings and they are now the best value for money with Gamepass. Their focus on buying studios (They recently bought Bethesda) will deliver the exclusives they were so lacking last gen and it will be first-day release on Gamepass. That R160 Monthly sub vs 1 game new release which retails at 1200 on launch. That's just 1 title and you saving 1040. Gamepass requires approx 6+ games monthly but noted mix of indies and triple AA .
I'm no fanboy and just give the facts, Having owned both last-gen consoles PS4 PRO and XBONEX. My intent is to get the PS5 in 2 years especially now that it has been confirmed with patent reg a possible pro version might be in the works again. PS5 will have amazing exclusives but not yet and its only real benefit and focus Sony is pushing. Therefore both SX and PS5 have launched without or very little real next-gen exclusives. For your money worth the SX delivers now and in the long run. The console itself is sexy little machine one you can be proud of sitting next to your TV. It so soft you wonder if it's on some time.
The OS is fast and the SSD loading of games deliver. One of the main reasons to get now was to able to play Game of the Year of 2019 Sekiro at 60FPS and it delivers in backwards compatibility mode. Not even SX optimized yet.

Effortless & accessible gaming.

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

The Xbox Series X is everything I hoped it would be - a very powerful machine which works with everything I've already invested in. As a long time PC exclusive gamer, I bought my first console, an Xbox One S, about 2 years ago. Since then I upgraded to an Xbox One X, and got the Series X on pre-order the day they became available.

Considering the current cost of PC gaming, I couldn't be happier spending less than the cost of a single PC component (the GPU) on a dedicated gaming machine which just works.

Combined with the amazing value of Game Pass Ultimate, this is my future for gaming - no more driver updates, constant troubleshooting, or rebooting in my gaming future.

Since I don't have as much time for gaming as I used to, Quick Resume (combined with SSD loading speeds) is a real game changer for me. I can literally spend 30 minutes playing, and it will be close to 30 minutes of actual play time, instead of staring at loading screens.

Loving the next gen experience.

A Must Buy Next-Gen Console

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

This console is really everything the marketing of it suggests. The quick resume feature on this console makes that load times are not common place in this generation. You can swap between multiple games and load in right where you left off for up to 10 games. The console is ultra fast thanks to its SSD and its quite responsive and this will be the console to play all 3rd party games which will run best on this console. Its the worlds most power console after all.

Xbox exclusive games tend to be co-op and have multiplayer so you can enjoy the best experiences with your friends unlike the competitor consoles that focus on just primarily single player games which means more replay value on XBOX.

Don't believe the review by Enrico K below, he is clueless and hasn't bought the product as it seems. Xbox has 23 in-house studios to make exclusive games for the console that will start to release from early 2021. Sony only has 13 in-house studios and wont have the advantage of having many exclusive games this generation. XBOX has family friendly and more mature games already on the market with much more to come.

The cherry on top is the Gamepass subscription service gives you an instant library of games for a low price. Its essentially the NETFLIX of games.

Happy gaming !!!!


Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

Shout-out to Raru. Always on time with no delays and excuses. AAA+ Service. Keep up the good work guys/girls.

Its all about Game Pass

Reviewed by on

For some reference I have been gaming on PlayStation almost exclusively since the PS2. Its pretty much because of Japanese games that have kept me on Sony systems after all these years. So i picked up a Nintendo Switch a year ago, ive noticed that almost every Japanese game that used to only be on PS is now on Nintendo Switch. I also burn through games very fast, there are some months where I can spend up to 10k on games, alot of these are third party games that are on Game Pass.

So they way I see this is that Nintendo can take care of my Japanese games and everything else will be played on Game Pass, for someone like me that plays tons of games, this is going to save me a crazy amount of money. For the very first time im looking at the PS5 and thinking there is no reason to get it. Jim Ryan has already come out and said that setting up Games Pass for Sony is not viable.

They recently announced the PS Plus Instant games collection, ok so that's probably what we are getting as competition for Game Pass. Problem is we know nothing about it, is it an extra cost ? Which consoles will it be available on ? How expansive it actually is ? Do those titles showcased actually stay there, unlike on PSNow. Will PSNow get improvements to compete with Game Pass? because right now its complete garbage. I don't understand Sony man, zero transparency or explanation across every aspect of this launch. If the instant plus collection turns out to be underwhelming and they don't come up with a plan to compete with Game Pass then going to have to get a Series X and let Nintendo do the rest of the work in the Japanese department. GG Sony. Never thought id write up something like this but here you go, its happening.

Next Gen at it's Be(a)st

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

This next gen console has everything a gamer could want: ultra-fast SSD, more than enough RAM and a killer 8-core CPU. In short, it's a beast of a machine in terms of raw power. Backwards compatibility will, as usual with Xbox, be a game changer. Most supported titles from all previous generations of Xbox will run better than before, not to mention the next gen titles that await us. Unlike the PS5, saved games and progress from previous generation Xbox consoles will be ready and waiting for you, from day one. Even your previous gen accessories like controllers will work and you won't be forced to fork out more money for 'new' controllers. With Xbox, everything just works; add the highly affordable Xbox Game Pass and you won't be left wanting for games to play-you even get a discount as a member if you choose to buy the game. With extra free games from Xbox Live Gold (worthy of your time), no more depressing and rainy days on PlayStation Plus with it's anemic selection of two games every month and exorbitant prices for most games on their store. If you want the best a game console has to offer, with a focus on YOU as the gamer - look no further - if you want the same old tired 'exclusive' franchises with prettier graphics and no substance, stick to PS5.

Microsoft Love their Fans.

Reviewed by on

I have a PS4 and use my Xbox One WAY MORE!!! I prefer the Microsoft Exclusives- I love Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon so much I will buy this just to play those two titles alone. The Gamepass is bigger and better than PS Plus which I only had for 3 months.

Enrico K left out some vital information. The Gamepass on Xbox one is quite different to the gamepass on PC which has lesser games and more clunkier app features. Also very few pc's (if ever?) have a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive- So This platform works for me.

I however will wait for some sort of forza bunble since Im still happy with my Xbox One S :)

Good choice for value and gaming with friends

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

There is not much between the Xbox Series X and the PS5. Not really easy to say much before they come out. Best thing to do is go look at a review from a reputable game/tech review company. The thing that pulls me away from the PS5 and to the Xbox Series X is the game pass. The value for money is amazing! For about R30 more a month than Playstation plus the Game Pass gives you 100s of games, and first party titles on day 1. It is like netflix for gaming. PS5 has great first party games but most to all are single player. Xbox tends to focus on gaming with friends and most of their first party games are multiplayer or co-op, and they are pushing for cross play across the industry. I game to play with friends on all platforms and Xbox gives me more options to do so! Plus if you have a PS4 you will still be able to play the new first party games for a year or 2.

Delivery for pre-order

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

will we be getting the console delivered to our homes on release date?

Raru Admin Note:
It depends on a lot of factors such as the stock getting to us in time to prep for the launch etc. But we will make every effort to deliver on the expected street date, baring any unforeseen events.

Xbox Series X

Reviewed by on

The Xbox Series X is a great option for those who cannot afford a good high a midrange PC. The problem is that it does not have the exclusive titles that differentiates it from any other platform. If you want great mature games you are better off getting a PS5. The extra +-20% power is not worth the sacrifice of great games. The PS5 is highly customized and in reality perform much closer or even better in some cases than the Series X and is more developer friendly. Also there is the advantage of a higher install base which means 3rd party games will be developed more with the PS5 in mind rather than the Series X.