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Yakuza Remastered Collection (PS4) on Pre-Order. Due 11 February 2020. 4 Nov 2019


This release marks the first time Yakuza 5 will be available in a physical format in the West, so the collection also includes a genuine Yakuza 5 PS3 case; after 5 years since the game’s original release, series collectors can finally fill the gap in their library!

Day One Edition contains Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, & Yakuza 5 on two disks in a striking red collectible case, emblazoned with Kiryu’s trademark dragon tattoo. While supplies last.

Yakuza Remastered Collection (PS4)

Yakuza Remastered Collection (PS4)

Pre-order (Expected: 11 Feb 2020)

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