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Journey: Collector's Edition (PS4) (4 user reviews)

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Journey: Collector's Edition (PS4)
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Utterly Spellbinding

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Flower and Journey, both of which are included in this package, offer wholly unique gaming experiences which not only stand apart from most other games, but also well above most other games.

Soulful and meditative, each of these games is filled to the brim with creativity and beauty, and playing through them should be considered a rite of passage for any serious gamer.


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The only game worth some time to play is Journey. Flower is okay because the only thing it has going is the beautiful visuals. Flow is a waste of time. Average collection but the price is justifiable.

Great value for ps4

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This collection makes for a great experience on the ps4, beautiful graphics and relaxing gameplay

Calming Game

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Very Relaxing to play, no pressure to play, can just do what you want... Worth the buy

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