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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright + Conquest (3DS) (9 user reviews)

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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright + Conquest (3DS)
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Great art and animation. All three story paths are impressive and to get all three for this price with some extras is great. Basically if you want to play all of the games buy this before the supply is gone.


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First off, this is my first Fire Emblem game excluding demo's but thus far it is my favourite tactical RPG game of ANY platfrom.

Just a warning, this game will suck you into it's incredibly deep storyline and spit out your remains several hours later. I started playing it just after it's arrival and when I looked again it was 6 hours and 7 chapters later. The characters actually have their own personalities and quirks which draw you in and make them feel more real then most other game characters.

The combat is difficult without being impossible which makes it more intense and involving. Enemy movements are impossible to predict so you can never know who they will strike until it is too late making strategy a crucial element in all enemy encounters. Also, Perma-Death. It makes the game that much trickier and forces you to plan your movements and formations even more carefully than before.

3 games for the price of 2 as well as a beautiful poster, lovely steelbook and incredible art-book. Definitely worth it's price, special or not

JRPG gaming at it's finest, Ladies and Gentlemen. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a deep involving storyline and/or a tactful combat RPG. Many thanks to Raru for geeting a few for us here in SA

Quantity without lack of quality

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Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of turn-based strategy combat. But this is after all a Fire Emblem.

The battles are at times long, drawn out sessions. I did close my 3ds mid battle during conquest and not look at it again for a week. The overabundance of content, engaging characters and brilliant story telling though is what made me come back for more. Even with the sometimes overwhelming amount of things to do, you never feel that they went for quantity over quality.
Still Slightly disappointed that they changed certain aspects of the game in relation to the original Japanese version.

In the end each of the games in this collection is unique enough to stand on its own accord. Together they make for an amazing experience.

Best turn based RPG on a handheld bar none.

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Newcomers to Fire Emblem will love it, although might get confused about some returning cameo characters in certain chapters and DLC chapters. I have just only finished the Birthright Campaign in 78 hours (OCD compelled me to get EVERYTHING) and as soon as the credits rolled I immediately jumped into the Conquest campaign, which hasn't tired me out yet 10 hours in so far, and then there is still the Revelation campaign to get through. So definitely value for money.

The game is wonderfully balanced since FE Awakening, perks like Lifestelaer and Galeforce aren't as OP as they were in the previous game. While some might hate this change, I think this was necessary for the new addition to the series: Visiting and invading other player's castles online.

When I first heard about the My Castle and Online component of the game, I thought it would be a throw away feature to distract from the main campaigns. But it is quite clear from the outset that a lot of thought was put into it and is some of the most fun online gaming I've had in quite a while (until Monster Hunter Generations launches of course) I love my Hoshidan castle and wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world!

As for the campaigns, dear lord this game surprised me yet again. When I was about to receive the game the completionist in me decided let's get the Hoshidan campaign out of the way asap to get to the other 2 campaigns I really want to play. My mindset was that the birthright side of characters would only be typical ninja and samurai stereotypes, while it's true for some characters, all the others truly surprised me, especially Oboro and Azama. Great characters so far, and from the few I've seen in Nohr, it seems amazing that side as well, especially Effie.

The music is fantastic in this game always reflecting the mood of the scenario and what's happening on the battlefield.

For just over R1100 this game is a damn steal and damn well worth it. Not to mention the slow trickle of awesome DLC that's being released to reveal some backstories and side stories which is equally entertaining. Like Before Awakening that's like a prologue chapter to FE Awakening, where you meet some familiar faces (protip let Odin/Ophelia speak to Lissa and Jakob with Frederick for some hilarious conversations) Get it if you are any sort of fan of RPGs on handhelds. You won't regret it!

A Must have for JRPG fans!

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Fire Emblem: Fates is an awesome game to add to your Nintendo 3ds collection. Apart from that, it has a great story, graphics and gameplay.
The Special Edition includes the third game Revelations, which you will have to purchase separately if you buy the individual Fire Emblem: Fates games... so it is a worthwhile investment.

Again, It's Awesome!

If you are planning on getting this title I highly recommend you don't hesitate since the special edition is becoming harder to track down and imports of the special edition are becoming scarce or extremely expensive.

To sum it up: It's Worth It!!!


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This is an awesome entry in the Fire Emblem series, and this special edition pack is a great bargain compared to buying each of the games separately. You get to play all 3 options, each with its own story and consequences. It looks beautiful on the 3DS.
My only gripe is that the non-Japanese versions have been censored a bit in the relationship stuff, but this doesn't have any big effect on the game.

Demo certainly does not disappoint

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I've played the demo and from what I have experienced, I can say that it far surpasses Awakening in terms of the view of the playing field, as well as having a more diverse storyline.

With regards to the Special Edition itself, it is the very definition of VALUE for money. You get 3 games in one, each of which is worth R600. This would normally total to R1,600. However in addition to the low cost of the Special Edition as indicated, you also get some memorabilia with it:
An 80 page hard-cover artbook
A 2-sided poster
A steelbook

As of the writing of this review, this Special Edition is virtually sold out completely around the world (USA, UK, etc), and is selling for hundreds of dollars on ebay and amazon. Get this amazing edition while still available for pre-order. It was sold out once on Raru, don't risk that chance again. I assure you, you will not regret it.

Fantastic Entry to the Fire Emblem Series, despite US meddling

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Having invested over 300 hours in the Japanese version, I can say that Fates (particularly Conquest) is my favorite entry in the Fire Emblem series in terms of gameplay. Fates has improved balance, and real thought is needed by the player when positioning units as enemies have all the benefits of pair-up bonuses and skills that the player does, and then some. The writing is not as good as it was in the Tellius series, and the story falls short of FE4's; but the gameplay itself is great, and the characters are charming enough to make up for it.

That said, there are concerns about the US "localization". Nannytendo and their minions at Treehouse do not care about consistency or being faithful to the original work, and in their arrogance consider themselves moral arbiters of the universe. Content has been completely removed or censored due to being "suggestive", characters have had their personalities wildly altered and/or exaggerated, dated and idiotic quotes and references have been randomly inserted, and the writing is childish enough to be mistaken for the product of an internet chatroom full of 12 year-olds. The translation is especially poor; I'm doubtful as to whether anyone at Treehouse can even read or speak Japanese or if they just write whatever they want. The voice acting quality is not even consistent, seesawing between great and awful.

Hopefully the EU version has a different localization.


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First of all the FIre Emblem series is amazing! A must have for ALL 3DS owners.

Secondly the value of this special edition is great! You're basically getting 3 games for the price of 2 plus some nice little swag.

All 3 of the paths in this game were rated above 85% by most gaming websites (Metacritic AVG 88%) so to have the option to play any of the paths AND have it on one cartridge!

So stoked that Raru managed to snag a few extra copies for SA! :-)

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