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Injustice 2 (PS4)
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Great Game

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Really fun game, if you are into fighting games. Surprisingly good single player story as well. Player base has died down a bit in recent but still a lot of content and cosmetics you can grind for after you are done.

A DC brawler worth getting

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With Nether Realms last fighting game Mortal Kombat X, comes Injustice 2 another AAA title and one for comic book fans, letting you pit your favorite DC characters yet again against each other, and boy what a Roster it is, from previous fighters such as Batman and Superman to new fighters such as Black Canary and Poison Ivy!! yes Poison Ivy!! who would of thought!!!, the games play ability is fluid and graphics are awesome not forgetting the story and great replay value. Yes there is tons of characters and lets not forget DLC coming soon.

Injustice 2 - DC's best fighter

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Injustice 2 kicks off a few years after the events from the original title but it does well to inform the player of its events if you haven’t played Injustice Gods Among Us. With Superman imprisoned in a red sun cell which keeps his powers at bay, Batman has formed a new circle of trust which consists of some unlikely allies such as Harley Quinn, Firestorm, Blue Beetle as well as Green Lantern.

Their mission was to restory civilization after the events from the original while Wonder Woman and Black Adam, along with Supergirl plan to free the Kryptonian an attempt to defend the earth from a greater threat, Brainiac.

Some familiar faces also make a return such as The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg but there might be some unlikely heroes making their debut such as Red Lantern Atrocitus and Swamp Thing. The story of Injustice 2 is one of its strongest aspects and even allows for minor branching options, giving you the option to choose which fighter to use within that scenario.
Although it doesn’t really effect the end much, there are still two different endings to the game which does allow for some replay value during this 6 to 7 hour campaign.

Visually the game does a fantastic job at portraying each character with their own unique characters models and when the special moves kick in, it is just an absolute pleasure to watch. Each arena has a distinctly different feel to them from Batman’s dark and gloomy batcave to the bright and sunny Gorilla city.

The lighting is one of the best I’ve seen in any fighting game with characters fading in and out of the shadows and different light sources bouncing off characters as they approach each object in the different environments. The way the surroundings interacts as characters bounce of the ground or use different abilities, also adds an effect or realism which just adds to that special detail Neatherrealms put into Injustice 2.

As for character animations, although some of them might not be perfect – they do fir with each fighting style. With each character having their unique special ability, the characters also have their own lines and visual indications when entering an arena depending on who they face of f against.

When it comes to the sound, the game did not disappoint. The voice acting perfectly portrays each character, making the emotion and action you see on screen believable. I was also particularly impressed by the amounts of dialogue, from the amusing banter between two characters and the splitting options from the main characters choices in the story.

You feel each impact as Superman punches you across the skies or when you smack a character so hard that they shift to the other area of the arena. The music in particular does a decent job for the setting adding to the mood that is portrayed on screen, from Joker’s eerie playground to the main menu music giving you that perfect superhero feeling.

The gameplay is definitely the star of the game as this is a fighting game after all and it does not disappoint. The fighting mechanics haven’t change much from its predecessor but it has changed in a good way. Each character has a variety of moves and pre-programmed combos to use and when the meter fills up during fighting, they can pull of their special move for ultimate damage.

The clash system allows players to interrupt an opponent’s attack, forcing them to wager a portion of their meter and in return the one who uses the most of their meter can either inflict damage or regain a certain amount of health. It is a game changer especially if you are low on health. Adding to that, each character does a bit of trash talk while getting up close and personal during that clash.

Aside from the main story, you can also play practice mode with each character having their own tutorial to help you improve on your favourite hero. There is also the multi-verse mode in which weekly, daily and hourly challenges are available to play, each with their own rewards. At the time of this review, there is a challenge where you can unlock all of the Wonder Woman gear from the movie and once that is gone, it may never return.

Fans familiar with Mortal Kombat’s living tower mode will feel at ease with the Multi-verse mode and it give you the perfect reason to keep coming back to the game. Each character has their own level with a variety of customizable gear. Each gear item does have a level requirement so even if you receive certain gear; you might only be able to use it once that character is a high enough level.

Gear can be unlocked through the multiverse or by opening loot boxes such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond and vary from common to epic. If you don’t like the gear you received, then you can turn it into credits which can then be used to buy more loot boxes. There is also the option of keeping the look of a certain item but adopting the stats of a higher piece and you can upgrade gear to your current level as well.

You can use real world cash for loot boxes but the gear mostly only affects your character offline and not during ranked matches thus it is purely cosmetics and not a pay to win system.

Online there are also a ton of options where you can practice against another player one on one in an unranked or ranked matches, King of the Hill as well as local versus multiplayer. You also have the ability to join a guild, with each guild allowing up to 50 players. Guilds reward you with different loot boxes and there are a variety of guild challenges to complete which rewards the entire guild. Additionally there is also the AI battle simulator which you choose 3 characters, gear them out and send them to battle. Especially your team defends when other players attack or you can attack them, sit back and watch your team do the fighting. It also levels up the characters and earns you some loot boxes.

Injustice 2 is one of the best fighting games I have ever played and looking at the current DC films, I do believe the filmmakers can learn a thing or two from this game. It is a perfect example of how to tell a proper story, with a cast of almost 30 characters and an impressive offline system. I have even had a ton of fun with the mobile game, which is free to play and connects with your console game, giving you some extra loot boxes and credits over time.

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