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Everybody's Golf (PS4) (2 user reviews)

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Everybody's Golf (PS4)
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Best Golf game available

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Everybody's Golf is a great golfing games. I don't normally play sports games but this has provide many hours of fun.

Golfing in Three clicks

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Everybody's Golf is a burst of Japanese exuberance. Full of strange voice acting, bright colours and wacky humour. But underneath of the fun is a great golf game to while away the hours, either by yourself or in co-op mode with a friend/family member.

The loading screens can drag a bit, but once you are in a game, playing a round of golf, the game moves at a lighting place. There is never a dull moment to be had.

The game also supports the PS4 Pro with a full 60fps and HDR mode to even more be able to admire the games shiny visuals.

A fun package overall.

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