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Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
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this game looks like it has all the red flags...Sex too? So not a game to buy my pre-teen ?

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Amazing game

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Honestly one of the best games of this console generation. Took me forever to finish the game, but it was a blast all the way from the beginning till the end.

Yeehaw! Triple A title done right.

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I cannot recommend this title enough, it's a masterpiece of an RPG. I would definitely add this title in the Hall Of Fame next to the Witcher.
Generally not a fan of Westerns, but it really blew my mind at the amount of visual details, the storytelling, and just pure fun things to do.

Do it

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This game is honestly one of the most detailed, pretty and 'alive' game worlds that has ever been created.

Wow and oomph

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Technically, visually and game play wise this is one of the most amazing games I have ever seen, especially on the PS4 Pro with HDR enabled, unfortunately with the tech available, these games have become huge and takes months for a casual gamer to complete. This is boh a positive because d... you get your money's worth but on the negative side you don't get time to play your other games. But all in all the pinnacle of game design.


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Honestly one of the best games I have enjoyed on PS4.

Immersive story and huge open world with tons of easter eggs.

Started with my second play through and still enjoying it.

Yee-Haaaaw Cowboy! Now listen here, I've got a plan....

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Wow, what an experience, definitely worth a second playthrough. Whatever you do, don't trust Dutch, he is a scallywag:)

The definitive open world experience

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Great game, just a pity that the multiplayer is taking so long to get right. Still there's over one hundred hours of amazing single player gameplay to enjoy. One should also not forget that it took Rockstar a long time to get GTA V's multiplayer going too.


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This game is on everyones lips right now :)

Open world wild west adventures.

The attraction to the game is the open world , the stunning realism in graphics, riding a horse, hunting outlaws.
You cna play poker at a saloon, drink till you get tipsy, venture in to the wild and hunt animals.You can rob a train or carraiges.

Rob people or save people, this will impact your honor bar, the more bad you do the worse your reputation becomes and people will treat you accordingly.

A new era of gaming

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From the moment I started up Red Dead Redemption 2 I was in awe. The amount of realism brought into this game is incredible and there are endless things to see and do. The world is so vivid and beautiful and the characters and story never disappoint. I have been playing nonstop for two days and I have to say it is hard to stop.

This game is unlike anything I have ever played. It is truly a foundation for a new era of gaming and I am excited to see what more it has to offer.

Red dead redemption

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Yasss ?


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Cant Wait for this game

Red Dead Redemption 2

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I havnt even played it and already looks like game of the year

Looks Amazing!!!

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Have seen some in-game footage and am blown away. This definitely looks like a must get.


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Game of the year quality!

An open world spectacle

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This review is return before the actual release but there is literally tons of gameplay videos out there showing the quality of the game.
whatever ideas we have had of an open world and how its systems should react were mostly met with dissapointment because the actual games felt too scripted in the past, but this time around the npcs have unpredictable behaviour which can lead to interesting experiences.

its not just a case of fomo, this game is going to be one of the best for this year and you should really invest in it.

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