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Sony - PlayStation Classic Mini Console (8 user reviews)

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Sony - PlayStation Classic Mini Console
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Ignore the negative reviews, GET BLEEMSYNC/AUTOBLEEM

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The negative reviews are from people who haven't spent the time to look into what this little device is capable of, thanks to the help of an awesome modding community. Search for the mods mentioned in the heading, and you will be able to emulate most consoles pre ps2 era alongside playing any ps1 title you have the rom of.

Strictly collectors

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A neat little console, advised only for collectors. Out the box, the console draws on the nostalgia of old school classics but limited game selection with popular titles missing make it a difficult buy. You can find better titles on the PSN network if you download to a PSP or PS Vita.

Best modded to fit your collection

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If you do not plant to mod this then be prepared for choppy framerates and be sure you like the games included, many of which were not a part of my childhood. If you are prepared to mod it then it's quite a powerful little box with ways to improve the framerate and resolution of the included games and add any others you may own. Emulation feels smooth and the modders put loads of work into making the process easy too. My box did arrive damaged though which isn't great but I'm happy with the system!


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Childhood memorys completely destroyed by this THING.

Bad until you mod it!

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The device out of the box isn't very good. Luckily it was hacked 3 days after release and by now the mods possible make it possible to run any PSX, Arcade (mame2003), Sega (MD / Genesis), Nintendo (NES, SNES), Atari (2600 5200 etc) and bunch more from a flashdrive. Basically everyone that RetroArch supports. Look for Bleemsync. Worth it if you're going to hack it.

Looks good on my shelf.. that's about it

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Sony made some strange decisions with this one, some games were designed for used with the original dual shock but they went with the first controller that features no analog sticks. There are some games that brought back very fond memories like Tekken 3 and MGS, unfortunately they are very hard to look at one a 50" hd tv, together with the emulation being sub par.
It looks really nice on my shelf though and was it not for someone buying it for me as a christmas present, I would never have owned one. But at least I can play FF7 on a playstation which is nice I guess. I'd say rather buy the snes claasic from Nintendo, it's amazing.

Very good PSX emulation

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A good little console. Every works well and I haven’t found a single bug with it yet.

The obvious disappointment is the game list. There are several classic essentials missing, like a Tomb Raider, a Medal of Honor, Soul Reaver... but since all PSX games are third party and not owned by Sony, it is understandable the list would not be as encompass as with the Nintendo Classics. Also, 20 games is fewer than expected. Both these problems have already been fixed with device hacking however.

I would also have liked the controllers to be the ones with the analog sticks, but they have the classic pre-analog versions.

Hilariously bad

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It is so funny how Sony messed up what should have been an easy win!

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