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Paper Mario: The Origami King (Nintendo Switch)
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PMOK is ok, but still not the Paper Mario we all want.

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It should be a no brainer by now unless you're blind, how much Paper Mario as a whole has shifted since Sticker Star, for somebody who hasn't played since Super Paper Mario back in 2007 when I was growing up with it on the Wii, I skipped Sticker Star and Color Splash for these reasons, Origami King is the 2nd Paper Mario Game I've ever played other than Super, but to be honest it just makes me want to play TTYD and 64 more... Origami King to some is a 'somewhat' step in the right direction, but you never know with Nintendo because they can go one step ahead but also take three steps back. I'm gonna go over what I DID like about the game, and most of my problems with Origami King as it shares many flaws from Sticker Star, I'll start with the biggest thing I liked about this game, Luigi has a role again, it's not the best side story compared to the roles he had in Super or TTYD, but it is nice to see him appear again after how even in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam he didn't show up, neither in Color Splash or Sticker Star, so that's a bit of an improvement, again the side story is a bit generic so it's nothing huge about it, as you can guess Luigi as usual goes unappreciated by Olivia. The next thing I did like about this game was the partners having personalities, specifically Professor Toad and Bobby, despite being very generic, the dialogue they bring and conversations were very appealing for their characters I find, it did make me enjoy the game a lot more. Another thing I liked was that for once since Super, the final boss was not Bowser, it was instead Olly. That's not even a spoiler that should've been a given and i bet some would be happy to hear that, that is definitely a big improvement in my opinion. The last two things that I liked most was Gameplay and the soundtrack, the soundtrack for this game was done so well my God. It fits really for every environment or even the situation you're in, boss, puzzle, you name it. Now for my problems with the game, I shouldn't even have to say this, no original characters, no original bosses and no original story, the only two original characters you see are Olivia and Olly, and then again it's like I can't see why you can't just do it in the old paper style? The Paper aesthetic or style they've been doing since Sticker Star is so bland and annoying, Super Paper Mario, TTYD, 64 all had effort for amazing environments, original characters and partners and story and now it just feels like they threw it away. There was a recent interview with Kensuke Tanabe that really pissed me off about Origami King, and that was him saying that they are no longer able to modify Mario characters that exist within that universe, but it's so like, it's such a poor fucking excuse, he was involved in Super Paper Mario and it had the exact opposite of that, in the modern games now it's nothing BUT TOADS!!! Seriously, I don't understand who is allowing these limitations and I don't get it, in a game like Mario Oddysey they allowed original characters just fine but with Paper Mario?!? So let me get this straight, first during the development of Sticker Star Miyamoto asked the beta to be changed because to him it looked like a port of TTYD and asked him to just shove in the Mario Cast, then, this problem as well? WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! I swear when Nintendo gets new employees its based off luck, because they can either help or just make things the same. The fact that the old style is gone, making everything too realistic and Paper characters having a white outline really bothers me, I'm sorry but it does, and what even is this games battle system? Like yeah it's okay but NO EXP. it's useless!!!! They think kids can't understand complex stories and they allow all of these limitations, I hate this so much. I'm done supporting Paper Mario, if you want this to change, don't give them your money or buy a used copy. I don't hate this game, it's got positives in my opinion but so many flaws. SO. MANY. FLAWS. Why Nintendo? Why be so ignorant with such rules?

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