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Rayman Legends - PlayStation Hits (PS4) (2 user reviews)

(2 user ratings)

Rayman Legends - PlayStation Hits (PS4)
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A Cracker of a Game

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This is one of those solid games that just makes you appreciate being a gamer. It was a big win for me because of the perfect co-op implementation.

The rating system for levels works well and there is tons of replayability if you didn’t get full stars for a particular level.

The Castle Rock level that plays out to the Black Betty soundtrack is ridiculously good and it’s one I’ve played 20x over! It makes you wish that there were more levels like this but I guess that is the novelty and what makes it special.

Absolutely entertaining!

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I enjoy coming home and unwinding with this game. I love playing platformer/adventure games and, having spent so much time playing Crash Bandicoot, I had to try this as well. It keeps me entertained for hours and the graphics does not disappoint. Fun and easy to play but also very challenging. Love, love, love it!

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